WEBINAR: Lumber and wood products: Forces driving the next normal

Recorded: August 18, 2020

To build on the findings of the special forces report about the major forces shaping the future of forest products, the Virtual Panel Webinar Series brings together Fastmarkets RISI economists and analysts to discuss and explore the forces defining the “next normal” across the global industry.

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The August 18th webinar included a 45 minute discussion of:

- Lumber price volatility
- The impact of macro-level trends on the wood products market
- Increased consumer demand with trends in home improvement
- Current housing market trends as a result of Covid influence

Attendees were then invited to engage during a Q&A session.

- Dustin Jalbert - Senior Economist, Wood Products
- Jennifer Coskren - Senior Economist, Wood Products
- Shawn Church - Managing Editor, Wood Products
- Joe Pruski - Assistant Editor, Wood Products

Moderator: Matt Graves - Senior Vice President, Indices

Did you miss the report on the major forces that are shaping the future of forest products?

Uncertainty in the forest products markets:
The risk of overlooking the forces driving the next normal
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