Report: Uncertainty in forest products markets

The risk of overlooking the forces driving the next normal

The Covid-19 pandemic has unleashed behavior shifts and supply disruptions that could permanently alter the economic landscape. It has also highlighted and intensified powerful market dynamics that were already underway, across the forest products industry.

We identified 6 major forces have the collective power to reshape the future of forest products and define the "next normal". Some of these may be familiar, but others have perhaps been hidden, brewing beneath a seemingly stable economy.

  1. Heightened hygiene and personal protection
  2. Rise of remote work, school and more
  3. Expansion of e-Commerce
  4. A campaign for sustainability
  5. Geo-political influences on global trade
  6. Government intervention

Decision-makers must keep up with these underlying forces, their unpredictable effects, and the price signals and other indicators that will guide the market forward.

The stakes are high in the face of uncertainty. But they are highest for the unprepared. The winners will be those who look up and out – those who actively observe seemingly unrelated markets and dynamics even if from a distance.

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This report includes...

  • Exploration of the 6 major forces influencing price dynamics and supply chains
  • Examples and analyses of the pressures being placed on the forest products markets from and outside of Covid
  • The tools needed to navigate and win in changing and unpredictable markets
  • An invitation to join a virtual panel discussion with industry experts