Packaging goes core

The unsurprising and critical role of packaging in e-Commerce

Packaging matters. Get prepared.

The volume, pace and diversity of e-Commerce packaging means the cardboard box is consequential to a brand’s reputation and financials. Now more than ever, packaging matters.

  • Consumers expect more – safe delivery of a range of goods and an exceptional brand experience
  • Brands have addressable financial leverage – at volume – to make a difference
  • And all of this has to happen at the speed of a hotly contested market.

Packaging sourcing strategies are becoming a core competency to accelerate growth and avoid risk. It is no longer acceptable for brands to rely on suppliers to be their eyes and ears on packaging costs and market dynamics. Explore key considerations to brand, cost, and risk including...

  • Brand experience and the role of package
  • Packaging as a material cost
  • A spotlight on modeling corrugated box costs based on raw materials
  • Considerations for sourcing sustainable paper packaging
  • Other resources to help packaging buyers navigate the market