Old corrugated
containers (OCC)

A new era dawns

The need to understand recovered paper markets and mitigate risk has never been greater.

Old corrugated containers (OCC) is bought and sold worldwide as a major input for paper products. Historically, prices have been highly volatile and more recently COVID-19 has had a massive impact on supplies. Markets are influx and volatility is expected to continue as China is set to ban all imports in 2021. 

Market participants now have the option to hedge their risk by locking in prices with the world’s first recovered paper futures contract launched by NOREXECO, The pulp and Paper Exchange.

Download the report to learn more about the recovered paper market, OCC futures and the underlying price assessments enabling them.  

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In this report, we explore the following with Fastmarkets and industry experts:

  • How volatile is OCC compared to other global commodities?
  • What exactly is this new futures contract and how will it work?
  • What do the waste management companies, producers, and traders think about it?
  • Will recovered paper behave like other ‘scrap’ commodities which have embraced futures markets or is it inherently different?

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