Market Fundamentals:
Paper Packaging

A guide to recognizing the key factors behind the changing paper packaging market.

Back to basics

The COVID-19 pandemic has dominated our headlines injecting a relentless stream of information into our view.

Given this rapid-fired pace, it is easy for us to lose focus on the basic principles operating behind the stories and know how it might impact the bottom line.

That’s why we created a simple but essential guide on the fundamentals of paper packaging markets. No matter how opaque or fluid the markets appear, these concepts remain true.

Who is this for?

  • Procurement teams
  • Finance teams
  • Risk teams
  • Marketing teams

For many it is second nature, for some it is a healthy review, and for others is new. If it brings any level of clarity to you or your team, then it is worth the read.

When you are finished, let us know if it was helpful. We would enjoy the opportunity to help you better forecast your packaging spend, evaluate your supplier costs, or interpret price fluctuations.

Read Market fundamentals - Paper packaging to review:

  • Paper grades: Understanding the major categories and types
  • Supply and demand indicators: Spotting market signals and what they mean for price
  • Mill costs: Tracking cost inputs for greater supply chain transparency
  • Prices: Looking at historical prices and beyond